Ode to Julia Child

           Robert Thomas Lundy

A is for Artichoke, Apple, or Alcohol
B’s for Bananas or Beans or Burritos.
C is for Chocolate, or Cherries or Caramel
D is for Dates, or Dim Sum, or Doritos,

E is for Eggplants, Egg Custard, and Eggs
F is for French-Fries and soft drinks with Fizz
G is for Gingerbread men with long legs.
H is for Honey with Ham—sweet that is.

I is for Ice Cream, which really tastes yummy.
J, Jambalaya, and also for Jam
K is for Ketchup, and Kumquats, Kohlrabi,
L is for Lemons, Linguine, and Lamb.

M is for Macaroons, Milk, and Molasses,
N is for Noodles in sauce that’s Alfredo,
O is for Oysters in cocktail glasses
P is for Pea, or Pecan, or Pistachio.

Q is for Quince, of which little is known
R is for Radishes, or Ratatouille
S is for Strawberry, Strudel, or Scone
T is for Tofu Tortilla—sounds screwy.

U is for Unleavened Bread, (ceremonial)
V is for Vinegar, in cruets on tables
W is for Whipped Cream and Walnuts (arboreal)
X is for Xanthan Gum (found on most labels)

Y is for Yogurt,, and last, but not least,
Z is for Zabaglione—Let’s feast!