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We are a team of performance poets.  We met at a library poetry group several years ago, and discovered that while our poetic styles were quite different, we had compatible senses of humor, and quickly started bouncing poems off of each other.  One of us would write (or pull from past efforts) a poem on a particular topic, and the other would write (or occasionally resurrect) a poem on the same subject with a very different view.  We call these efforts "Poem / Counter-poem." 

We can be easily convinced to appear and perform together almost anywhere.  A partial list of our past and scheduled future appearances appears in the calendar section of our website.

We have produced several joint chapbooks* of poetry, and have both received awards for our work.  (No Pulitzers yet, but we are working on it.) 

We also edit the annual Summations Art/Poetry collaborative volume for Poets INC and the  Escondido Municipal Art Gallery.  For more details click here.

* A chapbook is a small hand-bound booklet, usually less than 20 pages in length.  The word comes from 18th-century English term "cheap book", which pretty well says it all.  Poets often  produce these in small quantities to distribute at readings.