An Almost Alphabet before Bed

Elizabeth Yahn Williams

Angels float across my bed
Balloons, rising in their stead . . .
Colors: red and blue and green;
Darling baskets to be seen
Early on a summer's eve.

Funny, how these airy things,
Gently gliding on a breeze, put
Haughty little girls at ease.

Igloos, tents and mansions, too, have
Judy, Patty, Betty Lou
Kiting in their fairy skies,
Laughing, softly, as they see pixies
Moving in the trees.

Naughty children, misbehaved
Opening their eyes too soon miss the
Peaceful evening glade, fading
Quickly fast away from
Restless, weary eyes.

Soon enough, the
Time will come to wake
YOU, sleepy little one.

Very many fairies gather here,
Wishing you a cotton candy
EXit, where they’ll settle for the night, amid
Your ringlets, soft and light.

Zebras and zoo animals
. . . are not allowed.